“On lacrimae” (GR)

Kostas Makrygiannakis - electric guitar, loops, Theofilos Soteriades - alto & baritone sax. The two musicians started working on this music in 2011. The project "On lacrimae" is based on the famous melody written in 1596 by John Dowland, entitled “lacrimae pavane”, as well as the piece “a circle of tears” by the
Canadian composer and guitarist Ray Sealey, composed in 1979. The first piece was so successful that its composer used it in many different variations, in order to please the listeners and the needs of the musicians playing it: so we find it in the forms of instrumental ensemble, solo instrument and love song. On the second piece, Sealy takes the listener to a journey through seven short songs about
the tears of joy, anger, love, war, creation, death and life. On lacrimae “grovels” between introversion and noise and flirts suggestively with kitsch, pop and improvisation. It will be released as a record in December 2013 on Dissonance records.