Janis Plasmatik feat. AA Lumens (CY)

Janis used to be a simple and humble music listener, who, with the aid of the internet and through his travels, discovered music that he
strongly felt like sharing with other people. He began DJing in various bars in Lefkosia, until he got his break to play at the town’s one and only truly electro club, Klubd. Today, he is a resident deejay at the club and also serves as the artistic director. He tries not to limit himself in his sets. Deep organic house and fussy house are some of the things you could expect to hear from him. Or not. AA Lumens: Andreas Petrou and Angeliki Koutsodimitropoulou create visual 
compositions using a structure built specially for every different space they work in, which is then surrounded with a number of lumens specially designed according to each structure. All of this cleverly combines lighting design and architectural synthesis to add to the build up of a 'party environment'.