erma [ballast] (GR)

Choreography, Performance: Athanasia Kanellopoulou
Concept, music/sound composition, performance: Thimios Atzakas

Video, Set Design, light design: Alexandros Seitaridis

The piece deals with the fragmentation of the "self" and the cracks that have opened in the physical and spiritual unity of consciousness.

'Erma' means the ballast mass of hardware, rocks and other materials, to provide draft hulls of boats, offsetting the uneven parts of the vessel hull and ensuring the stability and robust navigation. The two characters of this show navigate in their own sea, through continuous emergence and diving to their personal ballast, acting and reacting to their memory.

The spiritual concerns, the urge, the longing for freedom, the desire for fulfillment, the unsatisfied soul, are transformed into sound and lead constantly in agony for a refund on the indissoluble unity.  

All this, with vehicle the human body, in conjunction with the live musical performance through a kaleidoscopic sound installation.