Earth Eye Loop's bewitching, venturing electronic explorations stand apart connecting her inspired immersion in rave subcultures with clearer pop intentions. Weaving glimpses of R&B and synth-pop into shuffling rhythms and gauzy textures, Earth Eye Loop tempers the post-punk edge of her previous project (the 4ADsigned Hockeysmith) while retaining the same compelling directness - honing in on the urgency gleaned from the linear structures of club music. 

Two years in the making, Earth Eye Loop's latest project takes root in the idyllic Cornwall. The isolated peninsula is renowned for a longthriving lineage of esoteric art and occult folklore inspired by its arcane landscapes and industrial decay. After putting Hockeysmith on hiatus, Earth Eye Loop retreated out to the Cornish wilderness taking up residence in a converted bus distilling the eerie surroundings into her sound. Inspired by the intrepid spirit and historical significance of Cornwall's rave scene (the sometimes local Aphex Twin is a fan and friend), Earth Eye Loop set about a period of discovery diving deep into 90s IDM and triphop, incorporating these structures with her first love - the visceral shoegaze textures of MBV, Ride, Cocteau Twins, and Sonic Youth. 

In this period, Earth Eye Loop traveled frequently between Cornwall and Copenhagen writing with the aim of connecting the influences of two very different, yet exciting underground music communities. In contrast to the isolation and freedom of writing and recording in Cornwall, Copenhagen became more of a collaborative environment working with friends and family of the Escho label (Iceage, Smerz). Escho founder Nis Bysted helped write and produce several tracks on the album and in turn introduced Earth Eye Loop’s music to the producer LXRY (Andy Smith) who has also worked on a number of the tracks. The result is an adventurous collection of electronic pop that masks it's deeper intention of finding strength through vulnerability with a sheen of inviting bubblegum innocence and lyrical naivetĂ© (nodding to the techno-pop recently brought back into public consciousness by PC Music and like-minded acts) while still preserving its DIY roots and inspirations. 

In the live setting, Earth Eye Loop has been described as "Kylie Minogue on acid". Going from vulnerable and confrontational, she cycles through a number of stage personas toying with perception and labels. With reverence to techno/garage, R&B, shoegaze, synthwave, and all their tangential mutations, Earth Eye Loop's fusing of these styles plays to the primal aspect they all have in common; creating a mesmerizing live performance made to move rooms and leave lasting impressions.

Fri 24 March, 21:45pm, at Theatro Dentro